Lubrication Leader

The Lubrication Leader Badge

The Lubrication Leader Badge, awarded by the Association of Asset Management Professionals (AMP), is a distinguished recognition for professionals in the field of lubrication and asset management. Obtaining this badge signifies a deep understanding and proficiency in LEADING lubrication practices, which are crucial for ensuring asset reliability and performance.

To earn the Lubrication Leader Badge, candidates must pass a 30 minute, 25-question "knowledge evaluation" test. This test is intricately linked to the Uptime Elements Lubrication Framework, a comprehensive body of knowledge that is central to the principles and practices of effective lubrication in asset management. The questions in the test are derived from the extensive information and insights provided in the Uptime Elements Lubrication Framework.

The optional educational preparation for this test involves an in-depth study of the Uptime Elements Lubrication Workbook and participation in the Workshop Study System offered by These resources offer a thorough exploration of lubrication concepts, techniques, and best practices as outlined in the Uptime Elements Framework. They serve as essential tools for candidates to understand and apply lubrication knowledge effectively in various industrial scenarios.

Additionally, offers an online video study course that complements the learning materials. This course is designed to provide candidates with a more dynamic and interactive way of learning. It covers a range of topics, from basic lubrication principles to advanced application techniques, all of which are crucial for the knowledge evaluation test.

Upon successful completion of the test, candidates are awarded the Lubrication Leader Badge. This badge is not just a credential; it is a testament to the individual’s commitment and expertise in lubrication as a critical aspect of asset management. It enhances professional credibility and reflects the individual's preparedness to contribute to the improvement of asset reliability and performance through expert lubrication practices.

Assessment Registration fee: $99 
Discounted fee for CRLs (in good standing): $49

Lubrication Leader FAQs

What is a Lubrication Leader?

A Lubrication Leader is someone who ensures that their organization’s lubrication program provides value to the organization. A Lubrication Leader is someone who creates a new future that was not going to happen anyway.

Who can get a Lubrication Leader badge?

Anyone. There is no educational or experiential requirement to sit for the Lubrication Leader badge assessment. A list of recommended preparation resources is available below.

What does it take to get a Lubrication Leader Badge?

There are 25 multiple choice questions that must be completed in 30 minutes

Is the assessment Open - Book?

Yes – The workbook and notes written within is allowed open book on the assessment.

Are there practice questions I can take before the assessment?

Not at this time.

What score do I need to pass the Lubrication Leader badge assessment?

A. More than 1, less than 26. Seriously, that is proprietary, and that question won’t be answered. We follow the general guidelines of ISO 17024.

How will I receive my badge?

A. After successfully completing the assessment, a Credly badge will be sent to you.

Will I have to renew my Lubrication Leader badge?

No. Once you are a Lubrication Leader - you are always a Lubrication Leader.

Do I need the Lubrication Elements Workbook?

It is highly recommended. 

How do I get the Lubrication Elements Workbook?

The Lubrication Elements Workbook and E-Workbook is available for purchase on the Reliability Marketplace.